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Target marketing campaigns more effectively with advanced audience segmentation.

Deliver better marketing campaigns, expand your portfolio and strengthen existing relationships

Marketers have long known the value of audience segmentation as a means of understanding consumers.

With CAMEO, you’re no longer restricted to a basic understanding of where your consumers live. Instead, with the socio-economic and geodemographic information obtained through CAMEO, you can gauge what your consumers are like, as well as their habits opinions, attitudes, likes and dislikes. The better you know your consumers, the better you can attract, engage, satisfy and retain them.

Versions of CAMEO are available for 36 countries, with different levels of segmentation.

Divides people into groups reflecting affluence, life stage, interests and spending habits— classifying over 1.6 million UK postcodes into 68 distinct categories. That means you can access data that can help deliver traction, insight and results.
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CAMEO International
Helps you understand and target consumers internationally, grow your business domestically, or expand into new international markets. Detailed CAMEO insights are available for:

Americas Western Europe Eastern Europe Asia/Pacific Africa
Brazil Austria Czech Republic
Australia South Africa
Canada Belgium Estonia Hong Kong  
Mexico Denmark Hungary India  
USA Finland Poland Japan  
  France Romania Korea  
  Germany Slovakia Philippines  
  Italy   Singapore  
  Netherlands   Indonesia  

New Zealand

  Republic of Ireland      
  United Kingdom      

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CAMEO UK Retail E-commerce
CAMEO UK Retail E-commerce is a consumer segmentation dataset, designed specifically for the UK retail market. Built at postcode level, the data provides insights on shopping motivations, payment preferences, demographics and socio-economics.This can help retailers connect more profitably with their entire customer base by assigning each postcode to one of 23 categories that consider:

  • Shopping motivations and preferences
  • Preferred shopping channels (online / in-store)
  • Payment preferences (online / in-store)
  • Tech savviness
  • Purchasing behaviours
  • Income
  • Age
  • Household composition
  • Property characteristics
  • Employment status

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Product Highlights

Strengthen relationships

Generate more repeat business

Target the right people at the right time

Grow and plan for the future with confidence

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