Channel Planning

CAMEO helps to put you in the moments that matter, and avoid the places you don’t need.

Channel planning

Get strategic with your choice of channels

Tightening budgets are putting pressure on marketers to ensure every penny counts. Most of the time, success comes down to truly knowing where your audiences are in the moment that matters.

Do your audiences engage with ads on search engines? Are younger audiences more inclined to react through placement on social media? CAMEO helps you to get strategic, by identifying and optimising the most effective channels to reach your target audiences and reduce wastage.

Channel planning
Channel planning

Understand where your customers actually are, and meet them there.

Marketing spend where it matters

With consumer media behaviour changing faster than ever, you need insights that go beyond the surface. Our platform helps you build on your existing analysis to get the full picture.

CAMEO provides marketers with a wide range of unique insights, based on the media and channel consumption of 10 consumer groups and 70 categories, using demographic data. When combined with your own channel analysis, CAMEO’s actionable insights help ensure marketing budget is spent where your audiences actually are.

Channel planning


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Channel planning

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