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Improve the customer lending journey and increase customer loyalty

The rise of digital-only banks and diversification of lending products has rapidly changed what consumers consider the traditional banking sector to be. Our own research indicates that consumers are looking for interactions with lenders that are fast, digitally fluent and have a human connection. Designing a customer experience that matches these expectations is challenging but necessary if you want to protect and grow your market share.

Our solutions enable high-street and challenger banks, building societies and fintechs, across banking and credit cards, to strengthen their end-to-end consumer journey, and improve performance and support compliance.

Customer acquisition and onboarding — We help you deliver a seamless and secure onboarding experience by creating solutions that can detect and protect against fraud, validate identities and assess affordability. This leads to better decisions and outcomes for lenders and consumers — key aspects of an effective growth strategy.

Customer management — Build relationships with your customers through greater insights and a collated consumer record, so you can introduce products and services that can increase conversions and loyalty. Leverage innovations in open banking and consumer-first platforms to enhance your customer experience and help empower your customers.

Collections — Collection agencies, debt buyers, lenders and solicitors (litigation specialists) use our tailored debt recovery and tracing tools to locate customers and secured assets. Based on clean, fresh data you can monitor changes in consumer credit files and enable sustainable repayment plans to be set up quickly and efficiently, thereby increasing contact rates and effective collections.

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