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Data Breach Support Service

Minimise the risk that comes with a data breach and build trust with consumers using TransUnion's data breach services that includes our dark web monitoring portal.

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Quickly and effectively help to protect consumers and restore their confidence

A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure, private or confidential information into an untrusted environment. As more transactions become digitised — accelerated by macroeconomic forces influencing consumer adoption — organisations need to consider having a strong data breach strategy as part of their wider contingency planning.

To help cultivate and maintain trust with your customers and enable your organisation to transact confidently, our Data Breach Support Service is aimed at providing the resources, expertise and service to help minimise the risks that come with a breach. The key to efficiently managing the situation is the speed of your response. This valuable service is designed to have a fully operational support program up and running within 48 hours.

In addition, our TrueIdentity online platform offers support to your customers post-breach. It allows customers to access their credit information and specific features to help safeguard their identity in response to a potential compromise of information stemming from a data breach. By using the platform, consumers can:

  • Access the TransUnion Credit Report and Score via the TrueIdentity platform
  • Receive email alerts informing of any key changes made on their credit file (sent within 24 hours of TransUnion being notified)
  • Receive email alerts to detect potentially compromised personal information on the dark web (sent within 24 hours of TransUnion being notified)
  • Get monthly email updates reassuring them of the status of their personal information
  • Become better informed through access to educational resources focused on credit management, fraud victim assistance and identity theft prevention

Help give your customers peace of mind with TrueIdentity: TransUnion’s credit, ID & dark web monitoring portal

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