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Contact us - Consumer enquiries

Online help

Your query may be answered by our existing online guidance available, which aims to answer lots of common questions:

  • If you have a question about your credit report please see our Credit Report FAQs
  • If you want more information about your rights in respect of your personal information, please see Your Data Rights
  • If you want to know how we collect, handle and share personal data, please refer to our Privacy Centre
If you’ve read our online information and your query has not been answered, please note we can only deal with your query if you have accessed your TransUnion credit report.  


Is there something incorrect on your credit report? 

If you see something on your credit report you believe isn’t correct, you can query the information by submitting a dispute to us. To find more about this process, please also refer to our Disputes FAQs

    • if you have other questions, please use the online form to submit an enquiry.


    Other contact methods

    Please read our Privacy Notice, which explains who we are, how we collect and use your personal information when you make contact with us, and how you can exercise your privacy rights in respect of that information.

    Please click here to view the other ways you can get in touch with TransUnion.