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Enhance the player experience, enable trust, and optimise compliance processes with our data-based gaming solutions.

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Take your player experience to the next level

The gaming market has seen significant change over the past ten years. With the rise of smartphone gambling, increased legislation, and tighter regulation that continues to evolve, it’s increasingly important to ensure responsible gambling and the protection of players.

We have a proven track record of supporting gaming operators of every size and scale to help maximise new player onboarding and streamline their player lifecycle to retain and grow a sustainable player base.

We use our technical expertise to help design bespoke gambling solutions that support local industry regulations for operators in the UK, Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Man, Europe, and other international markets.

Player Onboarding — with ID Verification and Document Verification
Streamlines and improves the customer journey with a friction-right approach. Built on market-leading data to enable real-time player identity verification and validation.

Fraud Mitigation — with risk, trust and behaviour
Uses player registration and device data to help protect against fraudulent activity such as bonus abuse and account takeover whilst building trust with genuine customers.

Player Affordability — with Affordability Solution for Gaming
Gain a deeper understanding of player affordability to make smarter, more accurate decisions using geo-demographic and modelled income data to provide an accurate and real-time assessment of a player’s financial profile. Protecting the most vulnerable and providing a smooth journey for your players.

Enhanced Single View of Players — with DataDNA
Leveraging transactions from the UK's major financial institutions can help you to unlock greater player insight, enhance matching logic, and create a single view of your player base.

TransUnion solutions for gaming offer a deeper understanding of players, actionable information, and insights to better help protect them — and your business — while facilitating superior service, supporting your compliance requirements, and helping you meet industry guidelines.

iGB Webinar recording supported by TransUnion - Seamless Onboarding and Responsible Gaming

Meet four typical player types, the challenges they pose and solutions you can use to address these challenges.

The Young Gun: an advantage player


The Chancer: a financially stressed player


The High-Flyer: a high-net worth player


The Pretender: a fraudulent player


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