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Affordability Report

Process applications while assessing consumer credit profiles and existing expenditure.

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Count on our effective affordability assessment solution for responsible lenders.

Affordability Report by TransUnion allows organisations to seamlessly process new applications while assessing their customers’ current financial situations. This helps determine affordability and income without the need for manual intervention.

With increased regulatory attention, indebtedness levels remaining high and for many consumers suffering from an unprecedented squeeze on disposable income, a robust affordability assessment is an increasingly crucial aspect of credit management.

Our Affordability Report has been designed within this context, enabling organisations to consider consumers’ debt and overheads and verify whether an applicant can afford credit. With this valuable information, you’ll be able to make more informed, responsible decisions.

Product Highlights
  • Verify an applicant’s stated income without manual or document intervention

  • Gain access to universal data covering the UK market

  • Obtain more granular data to determine creditworthiness and conduct affordability assessments

  • Boost profitability by onboarding more customers who may otherwise have been rejected

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