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Improve performance across the insurance policy lifecycle

Acquire More Profitable Customers

Improve marketing results and reduce insurance policy acquisition costs. Segment personal, commercial and life markets to identify targets that meet your underwriting risk profile.

Improve Rating and Underwriting

Assess risk and, price and quote insurance policies more quickly and accurately. Streamline processes with better data to effectively automate quoting and underwriting.

Manage Portfolios More Effectively

Increase portfolio profitability and life-time value. Optimize operations to renew policies, upsell coverage and monitor for changes in policy risk.

Streamline Claims Management

Reduce the cost of processing insurance claims. Gain better insight into behavior to effectively minimize risk, combat fraud and pay claims.

Innovative solutions to help improve the customer experience and protect and grow your share of the insurance market

Consumers are using devices to help them make their decisions, including comparing insurance products, reviewing terms and conditions to check they are easy to understand, and if required make a claim.

We use our deep understanding of consumer needs, industry regulations and technical expertise to develop tailored solutions. Our suite of products can help you make informed business decisions at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Customer acquisition and onboarding — Streamline and improve the customer journey through validation of consumer details for more informed credit risk decisions.

Point of quote — Better understand your customers to more accurately assess affordability and the fraud propensity of applicants to manage risk and write profitable business. In addition, our ghost broking detection strategies help protect against identity theft and account takeover and fraudulent activity that threatens the industry.

Point of sale – Our robust bank verification and fraud prevention tools can help you gain confidence in every decision you make.

Managing customer interactions – Keep track of your customers when they move and improve lifetime value. Capitalise on greater insights and a collated consumer record that allows you to introduce products and services that can increase conversions and loyalty, implement successful collection strategies and deploy robust anti-money laundering checks at the claims stage.

Our ever-evolving range of solutions are managed by dedicated consultants and industry experts to help our insurance customers maximise the value of data across all stages of the insurance lifecycle.

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