Enabling businesses to provide consumers with the tools and power to monitor and manage their financial health.

Today’s consumers want a hands-on approach to their financial health

With access to their credit report data and the tools needed to monitor, understand and learn how to improve their financial health, consumers can feel more in control. TransUnion’s highly configurable and easy-to-view CreditView is a fully hosted, flexible solution requiring minimal integration. It offers a unique opportunity for consumer engagement — showing them their TransUnion held credit report information so they can track what’s happening and make more informed, sustainable and responsible decisions.

By using CreditView, consumers get a clear understanding of how financial decisions affect their TransUnion credit score which can have an impact on their ability to obtain credit. And because this information is relevant and valuable, it can help businesses build consumer engagement. Plus, as a hosted custom-label platform, CreditView allows integration of your company’s logo, font and colour scheme delivering a seamless brand experience — which builds trust and loyalty.

 Attract and retain customers with CreditView.

 Discover how CreditView can help consumers in real-world.

Build stronger customer relationships through enriched credit education

TransUnion CreditView solutions banner. Credit education tool shown on man's phone

Build customer loyalty and promote creditworthiness with educational empowerment

TransUnon CreditView Credit Mentor banner. Credit Mentor add-on CreditView module shown on man's phone.

Grow your business by helping customers understand what impact financial decisions would have on their credit score

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Product Highlights

Engage today’s consumer with on-demand access to an interactive credit dashboard

Provide visibility of consumer credit report data and the tools to monitor and manage finances

Responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet

Maintain brand identity by implementing your colours, fonts and logos

Easy set-up and integration

Scalable offering with add-on modules available

Discover the power of credit education by reading our latest eBook

CreditView eBook

Empowering your consumers today can benefit your business tomorrow

In a crowded and competitive lending market, it’s vital to provide consumers with what they want. For many, that's more choice, feeling more in control, and having accessible, on-demand digital tools and intuitive personal experiences.

  • Most people aren’t sure what their credit score is*
  • Around half of consumers haven’t checked their credit scores in over a year*
  • Less than half of consumers know what information is stored within their credit reports or when it starts being collected*

These findings prove there's a clear need for consumer education — and we want to help. By taking a more proactive role, you arm them with ongoing support and insightful guidance, and can provide personalised offers at the right time.

*Consumer credit report 2022

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Enquiries page for assistance.

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