Central and local government

Use innovative data sources and solutions to help minimise potential fraud risk and maximise income collection.

Data analytics to optimise public services

TransUnion helps central government departments and local government organisations, like councils and housing associations, effectively use big data analytics and advanced customer experience solutions to engage with UK citizens and improve ROI.

Working directly, or as an approved third party, we provide an actionable and robust picture of consumers and their behaviours, focusing on lowering fraud risk, improving debt collection, and helping teams adopt and realise the benefits of data analytics.

Our consultancy and data science teams work on public sector projects at a national and local level. Examples include:

  • working on digital ID verification to help secure online tax platforms
  • using new and relevant data sources to improve debt collections
  • configuring multilayered solutions to meet the Good Practice Guide (GPG) 45 and carry out identity checks that strengthen fraud detection whilst delivering seamless customer journeys

A global credit reference agency (CRA) with a track record of product innovation, we actively shape the conversation around the data ecosystem. Our Developing a Data Mindset submission was part of the Cabinet Office’s policy paper — Tackling Fraud in Government with Data Analytics and our product development continually breaks new ground. We introduced the concept of consumer affordability to the market and are the first CRA to take in buy now, pay later data.

Public sector teams can access our services via the government’s G Cloud digital marketplace and debt resolution scheme (DRS), helping ensure a smooth procurement process.

Fintech Platform
Two public sector colleagues map out a new and optimised data strategy

Protect the public purse

Cutting-edge solutions can enable a deeper understanding of data identity that ultimately helps deliver better outcomes for consumers and reduce losses.

Reduce fraud risk

Configurable products — such as PEPs and sanctions, and email, device and document checks — help confirm people are who they say they are and lower fraud risks and losses.

Improve debt tracing

Harness extensive data coverage to access information that enables you to trace outstanding debt and improve recovery rates through enriched debt resolution processes. 

Tap into ongoing innovation

With a back catalogue of industry firsts, we’re the first CRA to accept buy now, pay later datasets — providing organisations with new and relevant consumer insights.

Plug and play

Our product development delivers data solutions that empower organisations to be agile — from simple online tools to dedicated APIs with configurable controls and rapid deployment.

Product sheets


Policy submission: Tackling fraud in government with data analytics

TransUnion contributed to the Cabinet Office’s policy paper on the use of data and analytics to counter fraud. Published as part of a public consultation, the paper's objective was to ensure government continues to work with the public and private sector to build public confidence in the use of data, and explored topics such as data quality, access and analytical capability.

Read our contribution in which we outline the importance of developing and embedding a data mindset for preventing fraud.

CAMEO: A new age of geo-segmentation

CAMEO, TransUnion's geodemographic tool, adds depth to your data, with 10 top line clusters and 70 distinct postcode segments. It offers detail that helps you adapt with your audience – so you can unlock value in targeted campaigns, confidently assess risks and nurture new and existing customer relationships.

Government and local governent use CAMEO geodemographics to:

  • Extend your customer knowledge with Y-Axis data segments according to life stage and affluence
  • Harness inisghts with enhanced  GDPR-compliant, attitudinal, brand and property data
  • Build customer profiles with insights that go beyond transactional data

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Enquiries page for assistance.

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