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Identity Verification

Make accurate identity decisions to minimise fraud and money laundering risk.

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Identity Verification Feature

Here’s what you can do with Identity Verification.

Match and verify consumer-provided data across global online and offline datasets, helping businesses better understand consumers, streamline the customer journey and deliver operational improvements.

Get TruValidate Identity Verification

Leverage global coverage

Our international EID checks help you verify the identity of consumers in the UK and 135 countries, supporting growth into new markets.

Flexible data delivery

Integrate the solution into existing workflows via real-time API integration, web application or batch processing. Use to evolve existing fraud strategies and counter emerging threats.

Tackle anti-impersonation

Flexible, knowledge-based verification confirms the identity presented through challenge-and-response questions only the identity-holder should be able to answer. Can be configured to your requirements.

Strengthen Anti-Money Laundering compliance processes

Support your regulatory obligations by screening against watchlists of sanctioned individuals and politically exposed persons (PEPs).

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