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Email Verification

Effectively validate email address information.

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Email Verification Feature

Here’s what you can do with Email Verification.

Conduct deep examinations of email characteristics to better understand the validity of each address and customer. Help reduce fraud threats, such as account takeovers and fraud rings, before they impact business performance.

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Identify suspicious email behaviour

Validate the email address captured through the customer lifecycle, and produce a risk score based on any suspicious behaviour linked to that email address.

Email ownership insights

Establish positive and negative association around the ownership of an email address — as an additional means to identify potential impersonation fraud — and transact with confidence.

Inspect and leverage email attributes

Check consumer-provided email addresses for risky attributes like longevity and domain while gaining insights into behaviours related to activity and popularity on the network.

Evolve your fraud defences

Easily integrate our flexible solution into existing workflows through a single API. Deploy alongside Phone Verification and Device Risk to counter changing fraud threats.

Configure to your requirements

Tailor the way you check email addresses according to your businesses’ specific needs and risk tolerances to better balance risk and opportunity.

Streamline the customer journey

Email attributes can be used at key points of the customer journey to help confirm identities and accelerate interactions, supporting strategies to improve conversion rates.

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