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The Growing Risk of Financial Crime

In this webinar we focus on the evolving threat of cybercrime, financial crime and fraud in the UK. The pandemic, rising cost of living, and heightened Russian hostility towards the West is providing criminals with the opportunities to target consumers and exploit weaknesses in business operations.

Our panel discussion brings together experts from TransUnion and UK organisations to explore fraud, ransomware, data breaches and financial crime in the context of current events, as well as the damage and financial losses these can cause to consumers and businesses. You’ll also hear about effective business strategies and practical counter-measures you should be considering.

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Managing Consumer Vulnerability

In this webinar, we look at the state of the UK market amidst economic turbulence and the resulting cost of living pressures. We discuss two different types of vulnerability – financial and non-financial – and the ways in which these may drive fraudulent behaviours. We’ll also share our insights around vulnerability indicators and the ways in which your business can identify customers showing signs of financial vulnerability at the point of origination and within your portfolio.

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