Citizen Segmentation: An Enhanced View on Community Cohorts

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Geodemographic segmentation tools like CAMEO, developed by TransUnion, play a crucial role in understanding diverse populations. These systems categorise citizens based on various demographic, financial, and lifestyle attributes, enabling more tailored and efficient public service delivery. By analysing demographic data at the postcode level, CAMEO gives insight into the general well-being, financial status and personal characteristics of UK citizens — which can significantly aid in policy making and resource allocation.

The implementation of these segmentation tools allows public sector bodies to identify specific needs and vulnerabilities within different segments of the population. For instance, areas with higher levels of financial distress can be targeted with more robust economic support, while regions showing lower health metrics might receive enhanced healthcare services. This targeted approach not only improves the effectiveness of public services, it also helps ensure limited resources are utilised where they’re needed most.

CAMEO's up-to-date profiling helps maintain a dynamic response to societal trends and changes in a community, meaning as a population evolves, so can the strategies designed to assist them.

Creating a hotspot map of vulnerable communities

Vulnerability is becoming an increasingly important topic in the provision of services to any UK consumer. In both the private and public space, the ability to tailor messaging and strategies to specific populations with accuracy and sensitivity is crucial. For businesses operating in the UK, targeting areas where populations face heightened vulnerabilities can provide a unique opportunity to enhance engagement and efficacy.

With the consumer insights provided by CAMEO, clients can create an approach that will resonate more profoundly with their target audiences. This both increases the potential for successful outcomes and can help ensure more appropriate offerings that address the specific needs and circumstances of different groups. For example, a region with low financial literacy might benefit from simplified, straightforward messaging that emphasises clarity and ease of understanding.

The ability to adapt and refine these strategies over time is vital. As clients gather more data and feedback from their engagements, they can continue to fine-tune their approaches, making them even more effective. This dynamic method of marketing helps ensure businesses remain responsive and responsible, ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships and enhanced business performance. Tailoring engagement plans around such detailed insights allows organisations to not just meet but exceed the expectations of their clients and the communities they serve.

  • CAMEO UK Profiles UK population into 70 segments based on life stage and affluence
  • CAMEO Welfare — Allows clients to assess every postcode in the UK according to their overall level of deprivation and poverty
  • CAMEO Income — Used to evaluate levels of household and personal income and wealth
  • CAMEO Property Plus — Property insights that deliver a current market value for every residential property in the United Kingdom

Use case: Local authorities

Targeting deprivation and tackling inequality

By providing full postcode-level estimates of deprivation, we can identify smaller pockets of poverty not captured by the standard Indices of Deprivation*. CAMEO geodemographic segmentation allows a detailed assessment of likely needs and potential remedies. This data can inform policy decisions, including, access to services, practice-based commissioning, life expectancy, neighbourhood policing strategies, educational achievements, and social housing needs.

Benefit targeting and revenue assurance

CAMEO can be used to help businesses achieve their goal take-up targets, by identifying areas that are more likely to be eligible to receive benefits. By only targeting those who are expected to be eligible, they can reduce costs, raise response rates, and increase awareness of entitlement. Conversely, understanding the ‘can’t payers’ versus the ‘won’t payers’ and developing appropriate strategies for each group has a significant effect on revenue recovery.

Resource planning

In order to deploy scarce resources in a focused, cost-effective manner, it’s essential to understand and quantify the neighbourhoods that are likely to place the biggest demand on resources.

Communications strategies

Communicating with citizens is becoming increasingly important to ensure they understand the public services being offered and options for accessing those services. CAMEO drives personalised communications strategies and allows for more accurate response measurement of any channel interaction or campaign.


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*The use of TransUnion data for the above purposes and subject to compliance sign off on a case-by-case basis.

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