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Phone Verification

Validate phone information effortlessly and effectively.

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Phone Verification Feature

Here’s what you can do with Phone Verification.

Access powerful phone number insights to validate connections and mitigate fraud. A highly configurable, multidimensional tool that uses our mobile intelligence network to assess risk indicators, and confirm links to identity, ownership and know-your-customer (KYC).

Get TruValidate Phone Verification

Tap into phone number ownership information

Augment your fraud analytics tools to verify the provided phone number is associated with your customer, increasing confidence and minimising friction in the journey.

Leverage syndicated fraud data

Enhance your fraud analytics capabilities to discover whether there’s fraud associated with the phone number provided.

Complement your processes

Know your customer better by confirming ownership of a mobile number and detecting SIM swap activity and call forwarding. Strengthen your verification and fraud analytics strategies.

Access expansive data networks

Increase your ability to identify risk by leveraging our connections with multiple intelligence networks, including TransUnion data assets and global data partners.

Enjoy flexible design

Customise when and how fraud services are invoked against your specific business and risk tolerances.

Enhance your capabilities

Combine with complementary tools, such as Email Verification and Device Risk, to obtain richer fraud insights and a greater picture of customers’ digital attributes.

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