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Consultancy Services

Insights-driven recommendations to optimise performance.

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Consultancy Services Feature

Here’s what you can do with Consultancy Services.

Our Fraud & ID Consultants ensure our products are deployed optimally, helping your efforts to support regulatory requirements, enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiencies and reduce fraud losses.

Get TruValidate Consultancy Services

Pass rate optimisation

Identify opportunities that can help raise onboarding rates — and your top line — through deep analysis of historic search data.

Comprehensive fraud strategy review

Get a thorough review of your end-to-end fraud strategy with recommendations covering orchestration, configuration, additional layers and logic. Plan confidently for the future.

Proof of concept analysis

We’ll help you identify potential opportunities for proof of concept work, uncovering previously hidden improvements and helping to boost confidence in your investments and strategies.

Better market insights

Increase confidence in business plans with insights into how the market and competitors are performing by drilling down and comparing match and pass rates.

Back book screening services

Our consultants will assess your requirements and manage back book screening exercises, including data quality checking, logic refinement and bespoke output formats.

Support regulatory adherence

We’ll work with your compliance team to provide product expertise, helping you deploy strategies in line with your specific regulatory requirements and approach.

Insights and Resources

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