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Fraud Attributes, Models and Scores

Rapidly deploy prevention and detection solutions.

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Fraud Attributes, Models and Scores Feature

Here’s what you can do with Fraud Attributes, Models and Scores.

Identify risk during the customer journey, predict outcomes and deliver risk scores in real time. Leverage our proprietary platform to access highly predictive variables and extensive data assets.

Get TruValidate Fraud Attributes, Models & Scores

Adjust to evolving strategies

Refine your controls to meet specific and emerging fraud challenges faced by your business and build trust with your customers.

Improve the customer experience

Reduce manual review queues and accelerate customer interactions so you can provide a streamlined journey for genuine customers.

Closely monitor portfolios

Identify high-risk profiles and populations within your portfolio and take proactive measures before fraudsters ‘cash out’.

Deploy machine learning

Use supervised machine learning algorithms — based on global transactions and detailed fraud reports — to deliver real-time risk scores. Refine models for industry-specific fraud trends.

Identify risk patterns

Distinguish between risky and trustworthy transactions with predictive machine learning that helps you detect (and alerts you to) subtle fraud trends.

Leverage consultative resources

Work with our analytics team to help identify opportunities to improve performance, validate use cases and optimse your fraud defences.

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