Affordability Solution for Gaming

Gain a deeper understanding of player affordability to help make smarter, more accurate decisions

Making Affordability Checks easier

For operators, understanding player affordability on a deeper level can lead to well-informed decisions that helps protect your players and your business. With a changing economic outlook and increasing regulatory demands, quickly and seamlessly identifying vulnerable players has never been more crucial.

Drawing on our well-established history and expertise in credit risk and affordability, TransUnion launched one of the first to market affordability solutions specifically for gaming in 2019.

Affordability Solution for Gaming uses cutting-edge modelling and analytics to provide a simple, transparent means of better protecting your and players’ interests — while supporting compliance strategies and regulatory requirements.

For even deeper affordability insights, our Income Model utilises a comprehensive and extensive set of data variables comprised of earnings data, income surveys and our proprietary life-stage and affluence data. This enables operators to make more accurate affordability decisions and determine how much customers can really afford to play with, dictating deposit or loss thresholds and responsible gambling practices resulting in improved player protection.

This fully configurable solution can be deployed at the most appropriate stage of the customer lifecycle with a single API. It provides operators real-time data for the most up-to-date, individual-level view of a player’s financial stress.

Using the Affordability Solution for Gaming operators can:

  • Make responsible decisions regarding the potential risk level of a player’s profile
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how much players’ can really afford to play with
  • Validate treatment strategies and create a clear audit trail
  • Utilise behavioural and transactional data

Why TransUnion


Why Betway chose to partner with TransUnion for their affordability checks:

"At Betway, we strive to create the safest possible environment for our customers, and we see affordability checks as a vital component. We’ve chosen TransUnion, best-suited for the gambling industry, to assist us in ensuring our customers only bet what they can afford.

TransUnion offers some of the most advanced global technologies and analytics on the market, and their understanding of the gambling industry impressed us. By working closely with TransUnion, we’re able to make informed, data-driven decisions."

—Betway, October 2019 (reconfirmed March 2021).

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