With consumers holding multiple accounts, obtaining a single customer view has never been more important.

Unlock and understand a single view of your customer and help improve your customer management strategies by understanding relationships across the consumer book

In the age of data-driven decision-making, the integrity of your customer data is paramount — especially for businesses in lending, insurance, gaming/gambling, and recoveries and collections. A broader picture of consumers and their credit behaviour givestells organisations a more complete story. Our DataDNA™ product matches consumer data to deliver a unique and persistent DNA number for adults living in the UK which creates a single customer view across their consumer book.

A DataDNA number is only assigned when we are 100% CONFIDENT in a match 

Applied to nearly 60m UK credit active adults 

Built using around 600M underlying financial transactions and more than 100M bank account records* from over 700 data suppliers

Once established, this comprehensive view highlights multiple relationships with each individual, even in instances where circumstances — such as name and address changes — have occurred over time. Not only does this enable you to more accurately identify fraud by seeing multiple accounts set up by a single consumer, DataDNA also provides consistent insight into consumer credit profiles to determine creditworthiness.

*Consented and non-consented accounts

Product Highlights

Resolve data inconsistencies and enhance customer relationship management accuracy.

Gain a holistic customer view across the lifecycle

Leverage unique DNA numbers for more precise data matching

Seamless integration helping to supportensure compliance with GDPR and FCA regulations

Reduce costs and efficiently organise customer management strategies by understanding all your relationships with a consumer

Enhance decisioning - studies show better decisioning outcomes for 20% of applications when used at the point of acquisition

Deliver a better customer experience with relevant products and services targeted to each consumer

Maintain a single customer view even in instances where name, gender or address changes have occurred

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Enquiries page for assistance.

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