Introducing TrueVision®

In the era of consumer empowerment and responsible lending, it is more important than ever for organisations to obtain better consumer insights in order to optimise their decisioning processes and better serve consumers.

That’s why we’re introducing TrueVision - a powerful suite of solutions that harnesses the power of trended credit data to give you a deeper and broader view of consumers.

Fuelled by enriched data, credit performance trends and analytics, TrueVision creates value across the entire consumer lifecycle. 

In this sense, TrueVision is the difference between a snapshot and a moving picture. Where a snapshot only lets you know where a consumer is, a moving picture provides insight into where a consumer is going.

With more accurate decisioning now within reach, TrueVision allows you to take advantage of predictive insights with flexible delivery options, designed to support a variety of operating environments, whether it’s through purpose-built scores, custom models, or trended credit insights incorporated into your existing decision processes.

Why TrueVision

TrueVision incorporates over 2,000 credit attributes and proprietary algorithms to provide a broader and deeper view into a consumer’s profile than ever before.

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