Credit Risk & Affordability

Since launching our Over-Indebtedness Initiative in 2006, here at TransUnion we are always looking for new ways to bring more ground-breaking credit risk solutions to our customers.

Our range of products enables you to evaluate a customer’s risk profile and their affordability and facilitate more accurate, smarter decisions about the likelihood of them fulfilling their credit commitments.

With products such as CallMonitor, the award-winning daily alerts service, it is easier for businesses to stay in touch with their customer’s finances like never before. 

Our services all benefit from market-leading response times and our innovative approach to customer matching. They draw on the power of SHARE, our comprehensive database of financial records and payment performance.

  • Credit Risk Reporting and Scoring - This information will list an applicants’ name, address, and most importantly it will show their negative and positive credit history, including the applicant's payment history on their credit commitments.
  • Affordability Assessment - Seamlessly process new applications; validating affordability and income without the need for manual intervention.
  • Daily Alerts - We have the resources and technology to monitor the financial activity of your existing customers, in detail, every day. With this information you can be alerted to early warning signs of debt stress so you act promptly and accordingly in your credit management strategies.
  • Consultancy & Data Analytics - Our Consultancy & Data Analytics team provide support across the credit industry to ensure strategies, processes and analytics are optimised.
  • Open Banking - An end-to-end fully integrated Open Banking solution for affordability and creditworthiness.

MOGObankconnect is a new, unique solution which provides your customers with the facility to simply, securely and quickly package up their online banking transactional data, verifying and transmitting financial data and bank statements in a matter of minutes. 

As industry leaders, our credit risk solutions are used by major lenders and other blue chip companies to ensure that they make credit risk decisions that protects both businesses and customers alike.

To find out more about our credit risk reporting tools, get in touch and one of our specialists will contact you shortly.

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