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Give consumers the tools and power to monitor and manage their financial situation.

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Today’s consumers want a hands-on approach to their finances

With access to their credit report data and the tools needed to monitor, understand and improve their financial status, consumers can feel more in control. TransUnion’s highly configurable and easy-to-view CreditView dashboard is a fully hosted, flexible solution requiring minimal integration. It offers a unique opportunity for consumer engagement — showing them their financial data so they can track what’s happening and make smarter decisions.

By using CreditView, consumers get a clear understanding of how financial decisions affect their ability to obtain credit. And because this information is relevant and valuable, it can help build consumer engagement. Plus, as a hosted white-label platform, CreditView allows integration of your company’s logo, font and colour scheme delivering a seamless brand experience — which builds trust and loyalty.

As part of CreditView, TransUnion’s Score Simulator module produces thousands of possible credit score combinations from various scenarios such as missed payments and adding new loans, giving consumers a clear view of their credit futures.

Product Highlights
  • Engage today’s consumer with on-demand access to an interactive credit dashboard

  • Provide visibility of consumer credit data and the tools to monitor and manage finances

  • Responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet

  • Easy to implement and fully customisable

  • Maintain brand identity by implementing your colours, fonts and logos

  • Serve prequalified offers to engaged consumers

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