Data Breach Support for Businesses

How to minimise the risk that comes with data breach and rebuild trust with consumers

In today’s digital economy, data is more valuable than ever.
While it can help businesses better understand consumers to deliver the fast, personalised experiences they expect, it also poses inherent risks. In recent times, organisations worldwide have experienced very public data breaches — stemming from sources such as compromised third-party suppliers, employee error, cyber-attacks and malware.

Plus, how might our increased reliance on cloud-based infrastructure and the IoT (Internet of Things) devices and networking be increasing the risks of data being compromised? 

Our research reveals UK businesses are feeling more pressure than ever when it comes to keeping customer data safe. 

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  • Uncover what occupies business minds when it comes to data breach
  • Discover the prevalent data breach threats facing businesses 
  • Get practical advice on how to deal with a data breach
  • Learn how credit monitoring services can help protect your customers

Download TransUnion's Data Breach for Businesses eBook today to support you with your readiness, remediation and response plans ensuring you are prepared for the ever-present threat of a data breach.


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