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Access data on over 28 million UK properties and gather the insights you need to drive your business forward.

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Turn property insights into revenue by identifying the most profitable targets.

In a fast-changing, fluid environment, the power of data cannot be overstated. Especially when it leads to a better understanding, the acquisition of new consumers and an enhanced user experience.

With TransUnion Property Data, you’ll find it easier to identify consumers likely to be interested in your products and ascertain which of your products are best suited to their needs. With that edge, your marketing teams can deploy the right campaign to the right audience — at the right time.

When combined with CAMEO — TransUnion’s audience segmentation tool — Property Data can be used to pinpoint new leads, strengthen existing relationships and plan for the future with increased confidence.

With data on over 28 million UK properties, our solution assesses a variety of datasets about homes and households, including:

  • Number of bedrooms, size and floor space
  • Council Tax band
  • The date the property was last sold
  • Energy efficiency and consumption
  • Price
  • Property characteristics
  • Whether dwellers are renters or homeowners
  • The life stage and financial security of owner/tenants
Product Highlights
  • Access 90 property data points, leveraging those appropriate to your consumer base

  • Spot sales opportunities by identifying profitable customer groups using property data overlaid with socio-demographic and geographic credit risk data

  • Access deeper market intelligence to refine your marketing strategy and develop more relevant messaging

  • Harness enhanced analytics on specific geographic areas to inform local marketing, operations and logistics, and branch planning

  • Use property data that supports a GDPR-compliant approach

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