Confidently interact with genuine consumers using fraud mitigation and identity verification solutions

Establishing trust in a digital world is an ongoing challenge. As public awareness of fraud continues to grow, 90% of consumers now rank the security of their data as “very important” when choosing who to transact with online. As the cost-of-living crisis, rampant inflation and eroding household incomes drive changes in customer behaviour, balancing robust fraud prevention with streamlined, convenient journeys has never been more important for those looking to win customers and achieve safe growth.

TransUnion TruValidate solutions encompass identity and device insights to help organisations confidently and securely engage consumers at each stage of the customer journey, helping improve conversions, reduce fraud losses and deliver enhanced, friction-right user experiences. 

Discover how TruValidate solutions can enhance your fraud prevention and identity verification strategies:

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Identity Verification

Verify consumer data identities against robust data sets 

Quickly and effectively verify consumer identities to establish that they are who they say they are, are of eligible age, and are safe to transact with - helping you to meet your Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and discern genuine consumers from fraudsters.

Device-Based Authentication Feature

Device Risk

Mitigate the risk of fraud using device and account intelligence

Identify devices with risky attributes or a history of fraud – the moment they connect with your platform. Leveraging device history, device-to-device and device-to-account associations from our global network, discern between risky transactions and trusted digital connections without impacting on the customer experience.

Document Verification and Facial Recognition Feature

Document Verification and Facial Biometrics

Verify and authenticate presented digital identities

Verify and authenticate digital identities with Document Verification and Facial Biometrics. Securely validating a range of government-issued identity documentation and/or facial biometrics in rapid time, the solution can help reduce the risk of identity fraud whilst aligning to regulatory compliance requirements and your organisation’s risk appetite.  

Consultancy services offering Insights-driven recommendations to optimise performance and counter fraud.

Fraud Consultancy

Leverage risk insights and analytics to mitigate the risk of fraud.

Reduce fraud risk using insights-driven recommendations to optimise performance. Our product and data expertise will help you spot opportunities to reduce fraud losses, harness automation and deploy bespoke technologies that support improved conversion rates. 

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