TransUnion Named a Strong Performer in Digital Fraud Management Solutions by The Forrester Wave™

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TransUnion is proud to announce its placement as a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Fraud Management, Q3 2023 — with the highest possible ratings in the criteria of Statistical Decisioning, Customer Authentication Policies, Non-Payment Fraud and Policy Abuse, Innovation, Vision, Partner Ecosystem, Pricing Flexibility, Transparency and DFM revenue. TransUnion’s strong showing reinforces both the underlying strength of TransUnion’s current digital fraud management offerings and its strategic vision for continued development.

The Forrester Wave™ uses a transparent methodology to evaluate companies in the software, hardware or services markets so Forrester’s clients can make well-informed purchasing decisions. Placement is based on multiple factors, including live demos with Forrester to evidence described product capabilities.

TruValidate™ Device Risk, TransUnion’s offering evaluated in The Forrester Wave™ for Digital Fraud Management, leverages a multilayered approach to risk assessment to mitigate the risk of digital fraud while improving conversion rates and the customer experience for legitimate interactions:

  • Device risk plays a prominent role in assessing risk online, applying historical activity and consortium data to determine whether a device has been linked to fraud in the past. The reputation of known devices helps organizations assess risk. 

TransUnion’s solution has traditionally had one of the most venerated device  reputation databases, and it augments its device analytics with identity and phone number reputation-based risk scoring," according to the Forrester report.

  • Device-to-account links consumer data with data inherent to the device, providing additional signals to help determine whether a device is in the hands of the individual who owns it. These signals and their relationships provide the clear intelligence needed to help distinguish legitimate consumers from potentially risky parties.
  • User behavioural analysis focuses on the way users physically interact with their devices and engage with organisations’ online properties. This further distinguishes genuine consumers from the typical activity of fraud rings or risky applications. The discrepancy in expected behaviour serves as a multiplier, calling greater attention to risk signals that may not otherwise command the scrutiny of a fraud prevention program.

Blending these complementary identity verification techniques, device risk with behavioural analytics layers insights about device reputation, device-to-account links and user behaviour into a decisioning model that helps identify good consumers while reducing false positives, undue escalation friction and manual reviews. By leveraging a wide range of identity signals in the background and assessing the connections between these signals, companies can confidently secure trust across more channels while delivering improved customer experiences.

Insights from The Forrester Wave™ for Digital Fraud Management, Q3 2023 report

Digital fraud management is more complex than ever and it’s important to find a partner that can satisfy both current program needs and provide sophisticated identity data to detect emerging threats. 

[TransUnion’s] consumer authentication policies and out-of-the-box non-payment/policy abuse fraud models are ahead of the competition,” according to the Forrester report.

TruValidate Device Risk with Behavioural Analytics offers fraud leaders a platform to address evolving fraud threats. 

TransUnion’s solution vision is superior to most others evaluated; its potential for innovation as indicated by technical employee staffing is ahead of others evaluated; and pricing flexibility and transparency are also differentiated,” according to the Forrester report.

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