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Knowledge-Based Verification

Offer dynamic, effective and trustworthy authentication.

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Knowledge-Based Verification Feature

Here’s what you can do with Knowledge-Based Verification.

Gain confidence in consumer identities through challenge response questions where complexity depends on the transaction’s risk. Knowledge-Based Verification provides quick and accurate authentication of new or existing customers online, within the call centre or in-branch.

Get TruValidate Knowledge-Based Verification

Robust questions and answers

Confidently verify customers by setting parameter-driven questions, dummy or ‘red herring’ questions, and configurable consumer response times.

Configure by transaction risk

Length of Q&As, complexity of questions and selection of data sources can all be customised to meet your business requirements and suit your strategy.

Access diverse and accurate data

Our solution uses comprehensive bureau data, leveraging a combination of credit and public data to enhance your ability to robustly verify customers.

Fully protect the customer journey

For complete coverage, Knowledge-Based Verification can be applied at account creation, during call centre interactions, and as users access and manage their accounts.

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