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Cutting-edge data solutions to help improve retail sales and enable trust between customers and businesses.

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We have a track record of enhancing customer experience and optimising the customer journey

The demands consumers place on retailers and their customer experience have never been higher. Consumers are savvy, looking for the best price or offers, responding positively to e-commerce experiences that have a minimal number of clicks and form fills, and want the quickest delivery and easiest return processes. Our datasets and proprietary technology can help retailers, including popular high-street brands and niche e-commerce pure players, engage consumers and upgrade experiences from good to great.

By harnessing data used to onboard consumers, you can quickly verify identities and means of payment in, allowing you to accurately detect and prevent e-commerce fraud. In addition, our consultancy team can help you use data and technology to get an accurate and comprehensive understanding of customers throughout their entire lifecycle. This includes:

  • optimising database strategies across physical stores and e-commerce platforms
  • modelling services to provide information and insights that can help drive sales and forecast spending habits
  • online data cleansing to enrich files, creating specific consumer segments and suppressing inappropriate files

The most successful organisations have backroom operations orientated around accurate data and deep consumer insight. As a global information and insights company we can support these teams to improve their approaches to prospecting, cultivating loyalty through trust, network growth or profit protection.

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