Supporting sustainability is just one of the themes in our annual Corporate Social Responsibility report

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Rebecca Aberdein, HR Director for TransUnion UK explains the company’s pledge to support the environment.

Here at TransUnion, we’re committed to doing our part for the environment and have recently created a sustainability office to help centralise efforts across our offices around the world.

With a global business which spans more than 30 countries, the aim is to “ensure our business practices, governance structures and environment profile are all aligned,” explains our global president and CEO Chris Cartwright.

This news coincides with the publication of our annual corporate social responsibility report, which can be downloaded here and reflects the issues that matter to both the company and all those who engage with us.

We’re passionate about the use of Information for Good® to empower consumers, businesses and economies around the world, and we’re fortunate to be able to make a difference through the work we do.

In addition to forward-looking product development, we provide information and resources related to the fundamentals of credit, empowering consumers with the knowledge required to understand their credit report and score and to take control of their financial information to help them achieve their goals. We think of information as a tool, and by understanding the challenges facing both consumers and our customers, we’re able to innovate in ways that allow more people affordable access to credit.

Additionally, we seek best practices to enhance how we manage our data centres and offices, and cultivate a sustainable work environment. One key area of focus is our energy consumption. As a global information solutions provider, we store vast amounts of data for collection and analysis, so this is a central focus of our sustainability strategy and where we see the most opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint.

With 83 offices and more than 7,000 employees globally, we’ve implemented successful, energy-saving and equipment-recycling initiatives in many of our offices and data centres to help us achieve this.

At our UK headquarters here in Leeds, we made a number of additional changes on World Environment Day. We stopped using paper towels and paper cups, whilst disposable containers in our café are being replaced with compostable consumables. These are plant-based and made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and can all be commercially composted with food waste where accepted.

We’ve also improved our recycling, introducing compostable bins at each of our recycle points, and we’re working with our colleagues on further changes to ensure we’re doing everything we can. Those may sounds like small steps but when it comes to the environment, it all counts. When we take small steps collectively, the result can be a huge leap forward.

In our annual corporate responsibility report, you can find out more about how we’re translating our ethos of using Information for Good into activities around the world; not only sustainability but also financial inclusion, education and child protection.

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