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Solutions that help gaming companies optimise their customer experience

The gaming market has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Through innovative product development, consumers are able to use their smartphone to sign-up to and use a huge variety of brands, platforms and products, and take advantage of a wide range of offers. Regulation and legislation is also changing to better protect consumers and encourage responsible lending.

We have a proven track record of helping gaming companies onboard new customers while managing their risk profile. Our solutions can help you get a deeper understanding of your existing customer base and provide you with the insights to attract and convert new customers. Additionally, our products are key to helping you provide a superior service, supporting your approach to compliance and helping you meet industry guidelines.

We work with operators in the UK, Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Man, Europe and many other international markets, to design solutions tailored to consumer insights, industry regulations and technical expertise. Our suite of products can help you optimise the customer lifecycle:  

Customer acquisition and onboarding — Streamline and improve the customer journey through immediate validation of consumer details for more informed credit risk decisions. Use non-intrusive data points to protect against fraudulent activity such as bonus abuse or anti-money laundering, whilst creating trust with genuine customers.

Customer management — Capitalise on greater insights and a collated consumer record to build positive relationships. Use affordability tools to encourage responsible gambling and support approaches towards compliance and insights to help you increase conversion and loyalty.

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