Drive more informed creditworthiness decisions with cutting-edge insights

By using affordability, trended and alternative data you can understand consumers on a deeper level. and make better-informed decisions that protect your customers and portfolio. Turbulent economic times, as well as regulatory expectations such as those outlined by the FCA, call for robust affordability checks and fair treatment of vulnerable individuals. Safely acquiring new customers and strengthening existing relationships has never been more important.

Discover how TransUnion’s solutions can enhance your affordability, financial inclusion and creditworthiness strategies, helping to create better outcomes for consumers, make more informed decisions, and support your regulatory compliance.


Get a clearer picture of your consumers’ longer-term credit risks 

Better identify pockets of right-fit customers, as well as those with improving financial statuses or increasingly at risk of financial stress, enabling you to make smarter lending decisions whilst reducing risk, enhancing your customer relationships and increasing revenue.

Rather than the traditional snapshot in time, TrueVision transforms 30 months of past raw credit bureau data into meaningful, actionable trended data attributes to deliver a more robust picture of consumers’ longer-term credit risks.

Affordability Report

Gain a clearer, more detailed picture of a customer’s income and affordability to help prevent unaffordable lending. 

TransUnion's market-leading Affordability Report can help businesses manage portfolio risk, and optimise performance and budgets, through automation and quicker, more informed decisions to support new lending. This approach can work towards strengthening new and existing customer relationships, and building trust.

With increased regulatory attention, indebtedness levels remaining high, and consumers suffering an unprecedented squeeze on disposable income, a robust, automated Income & Expenditure assessment is a crucial aspect of credit risk management and helps to spot consumers who are susceptible to future financial vulnerability.

Alternative data with Open Banking

Enhance and complement your credit journeys with Open Banking 

Open Banking is increasingly playing a key role in helping lenders to obtain accurate information on the financial situation of existing and potential consumers, providing real-time insights into their transactions, financial resilience, creditworthiness and ability to afford repayments. Open Banking can complement a standard credit journey and enhance your onboarding strategy by providing an alternative source of creditworthiness and affordability data when required. Capabilities include: 

  • Income verification
  • Affordability assessments
  • Affordability monitoring
  • Collections processes – identifying vulnerable customers and supporting those in arrears
  • Categorisation and transaction enrichment


Start your journey to making more informed and insight-led decisions by filling in the form below.

Start your journey to making more informed and insight-led decisions by filling in the form below.

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Enquiries page for assistance.

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