Introduction to TransUnion UK Procurement

The Group Procurement team is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for TransUnion UK and monitoring compliance with the procurement governance framework.

Group Procurement’s objectives are to:

  • Foster mutually beneficial strategic supplier partnerships, encouraging innovation and continuous improvement in order to enhance the ability of both parties to create value.
  • Take a business partner approach and work with our customers to fulfil their procurement needs whilst actively seeking feedback to improve how we operate in the future.
  • Work to the highest possible ethical standards to ensure the impact of environmental, economic and social factors are considered along with price and quality.
  • Maximise savings, cost avoidance and efficiencies for optimal cost performance.
  • Implement industry best practice processes and systems that govern our procurement activity.
  • Identify and help to manage risks relating to third party organisations in the TransUnion UK supply chain.

If you are a supplier interested in working with TransUnion UK then please read our Supplier Code of Conduct. If you can comply with our Code and believe you can deliver value to TransUnion UK then please get in touch.

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Read our Supplier Code of Conduct