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The Many Faces of Financial Vulnerability

How TransUnion data insights can help improve customer outcomes.

Our Financial Vulnerability eBook explores what lies ahead for the economy, and consumers, and the role data solutions can play in navigating an evolving socioeconomic environment. It highlights the business benefits of embedding early warning indicators into customer vulnerability strategies and identifies the vulnerability insights that could play an important role in helping businesses support consumers at the right moment in time. 

Additionally, we address the importance of businesses supporting their customers to help them avoid financial harm which could have long-term effects on both financial and mental wellbeing. 

Download this eBook to understand how your business can:

  • Remain competitive, reduce risk, and build trusted relationships with customers
  • Better understand the impact of economic shocks on portfolio resilience and how to minimise negative impacts on performance
  • Use Affordability Report to help manage portfolio risk and optimise performance and budgets through automation, and enables quicker, more informed decisions to help support new lending

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