Zero value authentication for payment cards

What is zero value authentication for payment cards?

A zero value authentication is the practice within the payment card industry of verifying cardholder information without charging or reserving any funds.

Why might TransUnion perform a zero value authentication?

TransUnion provides a wide range of identity and payment verification services to businesses. This allows banks, lenders, retailers and a wide range of other companies to protect both themselves and consumers against fraud. A zero value authentication may be used as part of these services to verify payment card details.

If you have recently provided your card details as part of an application or payment process, TransUnion may perform a zero value authentication on behalf of the company as part of their fraud checks which may be shown on your card statement.

TransUnion will never take payment or temporarily reserve funds as part of this process.

What should I do if I haven't used my card details recently?

If a zero value authentication has been performed on your card and you have not recently provided your card details, or given permission for another person to use your card details, as part of an application or payment process, it may be that your card has been compromised. If you suspect that your card details have been compromised, contact your card issuer immediately.

TransUnion offers a range of solutions to help consumers protect their identity and manage their finances. If you would like more information on these services, please visit our consumer solutions page.