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Working with JBW Group to determine a best in class approach to tracing and propensity scoring

Case Study11/05/2018


Our client, JBW Judicial Services Group, is a partner to the UK Government, specialising in revenue recovery.JBW pride themselves on recovering more revenue whilst using less enforcement activity than any other provider in the UK. They achieve this through data analytics, propensity scoring and the application of intelligence-led compliance solutions.

After five years of successful partnership, JBW contacted us in August 2017 to take part in a trial against one other credit referencing and two data appending agencies to determine a best in class approach to tracing and propensity scoring. The desired outcome of this approach was to identify one chosen credit reference agency and one data appending service to be the prime suppliers of outsourced data in 2018 and beyond.


Four agencies and data suppliers, including TransUnion, were tasked with providing new addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and propensity to pay data for 1,999 UK customers. These agencies were to be judged on the Right Party Contact (RPC) and accurate propensity to pay profiling on successful matches in the following ways:

Batch Tracing & Manual Desktop Tracing

What were the best match rates achieved, based on:

  • Quality of data
  • Quantity of data
  • Compliant and consented data

How does the return data result in the most optimal operational efficiencies for JBW in terms of:

  • Right party contact rates
  • Volume of quality data provided to maximise operational savings and efficiencies within the contact centre, to minimise lettering costs and focus resource strategically


What costs would be saved through operational efficiencies against our competitors in the following areas:

  • Volume of data returned, loaded and stored onto CRM
  • Number of calls/ letters necessary before RPC is made
  • Number of unknown/ goneaways identified by deploying the solution at book on
  • Reduction of cost of incorrect contact handling and complaint handling by appending accurate data
  • Avoidance of regulatory fines by using appropriately consented data


What did we do?

We agreed on a Proof of Concept on a portfolio of accounts and processed them through our market-leading batch tracing/ cleanse solution,CallTrace v5. Once the data was processed and returned, JBW conducted a live trial through their contact centre, integrating the data into their contact strategies.


CallTrace Batch v5is the most advanced batch trace and cleanse solution in the market. It not only identifies a customer’s true residency, with supporting data allowing clients to fully comply with the CSA’s Trace Code of Conduct and Principles of Trace, but also provides clients with customer profiling and contact strategy optimisation.


Match rates

  • Our address match rate was almost 5% higher than the next closest data append supplier, and 6% higher than the challenger bureau.


  • Our tele-append achieved 10% higher RPC over the next closest data append supplier, and 8% higher than the challenger bureau.


  • A range of variables within CallTrace were identified as being predictive of payment and significantly enhanced JBW’s scoring metrics.
  • For example, low-scoring customers resulted in a 1.5% collections rate, versus high-scoring customers resulting in a 56% collections rate.


Using the information we were able to identify clear discrepancies between low and high scoring customers which, in conjunction with our accurate contact data, will allow JBW to focus their resource appropriately, save unnecessary costs and generate an uplift in revenue collection.

Following this head to head challenge, JBW took the decision to select TransUnion as their prime data supplier for the foreseeable future.

‘We’ve had a working relationship with TransUnion for 6 years, across numerous services and projects. We’ve found that working closely with their team has helped us increase our collectability on debt and enhance our strategic operation year on year. It’s always good to partner with a company who work to properly understand our business and can flex their services to fit our operational requirements. This champion challenge was set between TransUnion and three other potential data suppliers and we were happy that TransUnion’s new tracing tool and unique data sets allowed them to showcase their continuing ability to best meet our needs.’

- Craig Alewood, Head of Business Improvement & Innovation

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