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Holmes Place has an ambitious expansion plan for its new brand EVO Fitness around Central Europe but wanted to ensure that its investment plans were well-founded and based on empirical evidence.


Established in 1980, Holmes Place has grown to become the largest privately-owned premium health club chain in Europe.

Holmes Place believes in lives being lived to the fullest and a healthy lifestyle allows people to live longer, happier and in a more balanced fashion. Starting with one club in Chelsea, London, Holmes Place now has 80 state-of-the-art Clubs in 10 countries serving over 270,000 members who enjoy the exclusive art of living well.


With a careful attention to details, Homles Place identified two critical factors that would be instrumental in the success of the expansion effort, namely:

  • Site selection; and
  • Feasibility studies.

Having the insight and confidence to build a growth strategy around new site locations would be pivotal for Holmes Place, if investment returns were to be realised effectively and within the timescales of the project.


Holmes Place developed a partnership with Callcredit to deliver micro-level intelligence and mapping across the selected target site locations. The Callcredit solution included:

  • CAMEO Consumer Segmentation to provide socio-demographic insight; and
  • Mapping of the selected site locations to optimise Club location.

CAMEO International enabled Evo Fitness to consistently segment, analyse and target the global consumer universe by 25 different consumer types on the basis of two key factors: Lifestage and Affluence.

This unique feature of CAMEO meant that Evo Fitness could enter new international markets with confidence by profiling its initial Swiss Club customer base and then locating and targeting "look-a-like" consumers in Germany and Austria, as well as in 27 other countries.


With over 20 single site studies conducted in an 18-month period, Evo Fitness has been able to evidence the rationale to invest a total of 11 new Clubs throughout central Europe with more expansion in the pipeline. Importantly, through Callcredit's solutions Evo Fitness has the confidence of backing all site selection decisions with a robust and proven customer pre-screening process.

"Callcredit has been highly responsive and creative in customising solutions for our specific requirements in the site-selection process." CEO, Holmes Place Group

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