View risk in a new dimension

Digital channels such as web, mobile web and mobile apps are increasingly becoming the consumer’s channel of choice for interacting with a range of businesses. There are many benefits for consumers, convenience being the most notable. Interactions with a range of services are now quick with the ability to engage anytime and from anywhere in the world. 

Businesses also enjoy benefits from the growth of digital channels such as attracting new demographics of customers and cost reduction during enrolment. It is therefore vital to include the assessment of the consumer’s device as part of a robust end to end enrolment process. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops can all reveal additional hidden risk information to compliment Identity, Anti-Money Laundering and Verification assessment.

Assess fraud risk for any internet enabled devices

When a device is used to access services such as opening an account, deposit or withdraw funds DeviceRisk can identify any fraud risks associated with that device immediately. DeviceRisk is delivered as part of TransUnion’s comprehensive Fraud and ID solution, CallValidate, enabling you to pinpoint and reduce fraud more accurately. DeviceRisk can help your decision to allow, deny, or flag the application or transaction for review based on your risk strategy. DeviceRisk returns results in real time enabling instant customer enrolment.

Protect your business

When a device first makes contact with your business, DeviceRisk can quickly tell you the history of the device and whether it has been previously involved in any fraudulent or suspicious activity. DeviceRisk is designed to look for obstacles that fraudsters may have put in place in an attempt to avoid detection and conceal the true details of the device being used.

• Has this device been used for other recent applications?
• Do the location and language settings of the device match the claimed location?
• Is there a block in place to conceal the device identification?
• Is there a proxy on the device to hide the real IP address?
• Does the device time zone match the claimed location?

Device characteristics, especially in combination, can highlight increased fraud risk. For example, a discrepancy between geolocation and time zone, or a proxy IP address with language mismatch uncovers fraud risk other enrolment checks may not.

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