Retriever is our revolutionary new online tracing tool helping trace specialists search individuals quickly and easily

One search box, one click, one revolutionary tracing product

Retriever, our new online tracing tool uses a user-friendly search engine style interface and allows trace specialists to search for an individual using whatever information they know via a single search entry box.

Retriever then searches TransUnion's extensive trace universe for a best fit through the use of knowledge graphs and other big data technology. This technology instantly returns results which are ranked and scored according to the similarities with the information entered by the trace agent, reducing the time spent on a manual trace.

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What makes Retriever different to other manual trace products?

  • Retriever has a unique single search entry box similar to that of popular search engines.
  • Retriever uses big data searching technology and knowledge graphs to establish connections between people, places and things such as mobiles, emails and landlines.
  • Retriever uses elastic searching technology to capture not just exact matches but individuals with similarities, enabling trace agents to make a more informed decision.
  • Retriever does not leave a credit search footprint on a consumers credit report.

How does it compare to other tracing products?

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