DataDNA - Understand the makeup of your customers

With 95% of the world's data being collected in the last 2 years this has caused many organisations to end up with separate customer databases containing data relating to the same customer but with different personal information.

Matching identical data between two databases is a relatively straight forward process. The problem arises when the customers are split across different databases and with different personal information.

TransUnion have created a solution to this problem - DataDNA enables you to identify the same customers across your customer book regardless of any name, date of birth or address variations.

What is the TransUnion DNA Number?

  • Created and assigned to each individual across our extensive name and address universe.
  • Append this number to any customer book so you can reconcile and fully understand the crossover between accounts and customers.
  • A unique number has also been assigned to each household in the UK.
  • Only assigned to records where we are 100% confident in a match.

How can DataDNA help you and improve your collections success?

  • Can effectively profile new customers against an existing customer book for modelling and segmentation purposes
  • Speed up break in rates and increase contact rates by identifying customers you've already been in touch with, using the right communication channels which made the difference
  • Increase effectiveness and reduce costs by managing multiple accounts, reducing phone calls, letters, emails and SMS.
  • Enable Portfolio or outsource reconciliation exercises that increase return on investment
  • Use the TransUnion DNA Number as common currency with your agents for effective customer matching, reconciliation and identification.

Why TransUnion?

TransUnion has an unrivalled understanding of the Collection industry's needs and has developed a range of innovative information solutions. These solutions enable our clients to optimise their return on investment.