Affordability Assessment

Make sure that your customers are being treated fairly and are getting the right credit solution for them by implementing affordability assessments throughout your business. 

Our affordability solutions allow you to seamlessly process new applications so you can assess your customer’s current financial situation, validate affordability and income without the need for manual intervention. 

With increased regulatory attention, indebtedness levels remaining high and many consumers suffering from an unprecedented squeeze on their disposable incomes a robust affordability assessment is an increasingly crucial aspect of credit management.

TransUnion have been working with our clients to extract value from affordability data since the creation of The Over-Indebtedness Initiative in 2006 when the leading high street banks joined forces with TransUnion to launch a responsible lending initiative, looking at consumer indebtedness and affordability. 

Affordability Suite

In order to keep our dedication to responsible lending, we have created our Affordability Suite which offers a market leading amount of all eligible current account information available.

Applicants are matched to our Affordability Suite, which contains a single view of each consumer across all financial relationships.

A range of online and batch offers are available, covering income verification and affordability assessment for new business requests and the ongoing monitoring and management of affordability on your existing portfolios.

If you would like to find out more about our Affordability Suite, or to talk to someone in more detail about our affordability assessment products then please contact us and one of our specialists will contact you shortly.

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