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Notice of Correction

A Notice of Correction (NOC) is a short statement you can add to your credit report for the attention of anyone who performs a search against you. 

It is used to explain the circumstances behind information which is accurate. Reasons for adding a NOC can include explaining why you missed payments on an account or why you may not have a current Electoral Register record on your report. If you are looking to correct any inaccuracies on your credit report, please see the Notice of Dispute (NOD) "What is a Notice of Dispute (NOD)?".

A NOC is free to add to your credit report and won’t impact your credit score. Please bear in mind however that it may mean that any credit applications you do make may take slightly longer to process as the NOC will need to be read as part of the application review process by the lender.

A NOC statement must keep to the following rules:

  • Be no more than 200 words long
  • Be relevant and accurate
  • It must not be trivial, rude, or libellous
  • It must not blame anyone
  • It cannot name any other person or company

To add a NOC to your credit report please submit your chosen wording here.

Or alternatively, you can write to us at:

TransUnion Consumer Services Team:

PO BOX 647

Unit 4



Please note that if you add a NOC to your TransUnion credit report, you will also need to contact the other UK Credit Reference Agencies - Experian and Equifax - separately to also add your NOC to the versions of your credit report they hold on you.