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Statutory Credit Report

Your TransUnion statutory credit report can show any of the following pieces of information:

  • Financial account information for the last 6 years, showing both open and closed accounts.
  • If you are registered on the Electoral Register at your current address.
  • Financial connections you have or have had to any address or other names you have been known by – this also includes names of other people you have or had a financial connection with, such as a joint mortgage. 
  • Any legal court details concerning settlements of money which have been registered against you, such as any judgments, insolvencies, or bankruptcies.
  • Details of searches made against your credit report over the past 2 years. Searches are footprints left by organisations who have requested to see a copy of your credit report from TransUnion. 

Please see separate ''What is a search on my credit report?'' for further details about searches.

  • Cifas is the UK’s fraud prevention service. If you have taken out Protective Registration with Cifas, or you have been registered as a victim of fraud, a Cifas marker will appear on your credit report. 

Please see separate "What should I do if I am a victim of fraud?" for more information about fraud prevention.

  • Any Notices of Correction (NOC) statements you have added to your credit report to explain information on your report. 

Please see separate "What is a Notice of Correction and how can I add one to my credit report if needed?" for further details about NOCs.

  • Any Notice of Dispute markers you have raised, where you are querying the accuracy of specific information on your credit report with TransUnion. 

Please see separate "What is a Notice of Dispute (NOD)?" for further details about disputes.