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Credit Report

Some types of financial account, and some circumstances for financial accounts, mean that they will not show on your credit report. These are:

  • Your credit report is only concerned with your financial commitments, it will therefore not show savings accounts or current accounts without an overdraft.
  • If you’re missing a financial account that is older than 15 years, it could be that you were not told at the time of opening the account that data would be shared for credit referencing purposes, so it is therefore not allowed to be shared and shown on your credit report. To change this, please contact your lender directly and speak to them about sharing your data with TransUnion.
  • New financial account information may not show on your credit report immediately. TransUnion receives information from organisations every 4 – 6 weeks. If you have recently opened an account, it could be that this information has not yet been shared by the organisation for credit referencing purposes and so it could take a few weeks before the financial account information is showing on your credit report.
  • If you have recently moved or changed your name, it is good practice to update your lenders with your new personal information. This is so we can create a financial connection between you and your new information.