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How to get your credit rating?

If you’re applying for a loan, credit card or even a mobile phone contract, lenders look at your credit history to decide whether you’re likely to be a reliable borrower. A good credit rating is key to increasing your chances of being accepted, as the higher your rating, the lower the risk for the lender.

If you’re planning to apply for credit now or in the future, it’s vital you keep a close eye on your credit rating. No credit rating is set in stone, but if you have a low rating, it can’t be changed overnight. That’s why it’s best to regularly check it so any improvements can be made well before you apply for credit.

The most straightforward way to access a credit rating is through a credit report. You can get this from a credit broker such as Credit Karma.

You also have the right to access the information credit reference agencies hold about you. Each credit reference agency can provide you with a copy of the information they hold about you. You can gain access to the info TU holds about you through the statutory credit report.

Credit reference agencies hold the public and financial information lenders use to make their decisions. We have much more about what credit reference agencies do on our website.

Find out what a credit report and score or a statutory credit report can offer you.

You’re entitled by law to access this credit report. This is a basic report which doesn’t provide a credit score or credit rating but is still a good way to check your credit history and the information on your credit file.

  • Apply online — Access your statutory credit report online to see all the basic facts in black and white.
  • Apply by post — If you’d prefer to apply by post, please download and print the application form.