The Future of Credit Assessments: 2023 and Beyond

TransUnion and Bud webinar

Is your performance being blunted by credit assessment processes that are slow, ineffective or non-customer friendly? Watch our webinar to get a better understanding of how advancements in AI and open banking are paving the way for automated and intelligent digital creditworthiness assessments.

Experts from TransUnion and Bud discuss:

  • How the combination of AI and open banking technology is transforming the way we think about traditional credit scores and assessments, and how it enables lenders to verify the income of individuals with limited credit history and those facing credit access challenges.
  • How lenders should approach the classic buy vs. build dilemma with regards to open banking and leveraging transactional data.
  • Real-world examples and success stories where AI and open banking have transformed credit assessments and improved efficiency.

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Ed Maslaveckas, CEO & Co-Founder, Bud

Celso Nogueira, Director of Open Banking, TransUnion UK

Andy Piggott, Interim Chief Product Officer, TransUnion UK

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