Data Breach Support Service

Minimise the risk that comes with a data breach and build trust with consumers using TransUnion's data breach services that includes our dark web monitoring portal.

If you are experiencing a live incident, please call our active breach helpline +44 (0) 113 323 6511 or email

In the event of a breach, timing is key

Ease the impact a breach can have on your organisation; be ready for an incident before it occurs

Evolving global cyber threats are impacting UK consumers, regardless of their demographic characteristics. Developing an efficient and effective response strategy can help your organisation equip customers with tools that help combat identity theft, mitigate impacts to your reputation and credibility, and rebuild trust. By taking a proactive approach to data breaches, organisations can better protect consumers whilst helping to reduce their own financial losses.

Data breach response

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the consumer lifecycle

Manage the consumer lifecycle from the moment a security incident is identified:

  • Support Content & Reporting: Provide consumers with information that answers their queries and concerns during a breach. Track take-up and usage of the service.
  • Victim of Fraud Service: Offer consumers an online dispute service to deal with erroneous or fraudulent records on their credit report. Give them the opportunity to register with Cifas.
  • Consumer Support: Strengthen your communications plan and answer consumer queries quickly with a dedicated UK Consumer Services Team and access to the dispute status section of the TrueIdentity platform.
  • Consumer Notifications: Provide proactive communications and notify potentially impacted customers via mail or email.
  • TrueIdentity: Support consumers by providing up-to-date information, such as credit monitoring and identity remediation information, to strengthen relationships and protect your brand.
key safeguarding personal identity

A key to safeguarding personal identity

TransUnion's TrueIdentity platform allows consumers to access their credit information and offers specific features to help safeguard their identity in response to the potential compromise of information involved in a data breach.

TrueIdentity includes:

  • Access to the TransUnion credit report, updated daily to provide insights on credit-related identity theft or fraud
  • TransUnion credit monitoring alerts with email notifications of key changes on a consumer’s credit file
  • Educational resources focused on credit management, fraud victim assistance and identity theft prevention
  • Dark Web Monitoring to monitor surface, social, deep and dark websites for potentially exposed personal, identity and financial information
  • The option for consumers, should they become a victim of fraud, to register with Cifas, offering peace of mind and reducing fraud risk


Credit Monitoring

Provide consumers with a credit report and notifications to help them identify key changes in their credit history and uncover suspicious activity that may be signs of identity theft. In today’s virtual world, credit monitoring alerts are a powerful tool to protect against identity theft, enabling quick action against potentially fraudulent activity, and provide overall confidence to potentially impacted consumers.

Identity Remediation and Education

Arming consumers with information about protecting their identities can be an important step in preventing identity theft and fraud from occurring or reoccurring. Consumers can receive preventative credit education and identity resolution information, including steps to take if they think they’ve become victims of identity theft or fraud. These added benefits enhance your customers’ overall experience.

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Enquiries page for assistance.

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