Affordability Report - validate income to prevent fraud

Do you want to accurately validate your customer's income to ensure the information they supply on application forms is correct? Are you finding that some customers fall into significant arrears after taking out new lending facilities with you?

TransUnion's Affordability Report enables you to conduct robust fraud prevention on your prospects and customers at the point of application, so you can protect your organisation and consumers from taking new facilities, which the consumer cannot afford.

Key features of Affordability Report

  • Uses web-based technology to deliver an exclusive indebtedness and affordability check quickly, conveniently and cost effectively
  • Uses data in conjunction with TransUnion's existing shared credit data to produce an indebtedness report
  • Provides a number of ratios for the most indebted set of consumers, which can be used to assess a consumer's ability to repay their debt
  • The Affordability Check can also provide a summary of additional, recent alerts for events which may be a potential concern for the lender
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Affordability Report can be used throughout the customer lifecycle, enabling you to make more appropriate decisions about your customer. Two customers may hold identical products with your organisation, but Affordability Report provides you with the over-indebtedness dimension that will show you how they are managing their finances across the board, helping you to adapt your approach accordingly.

In situations where the consumer concerned is already a customer with the organisation, Affordability Report provides the ability for that lender to search using the known current account details (i.e. Account Number or Reference Number), which will then generate a full indebtedness report for that individual.

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