Fraud and ID solutions tailored to your criteria, helping you verify more customers and pinpoint fraud.

Build the level of identity verification you need with our Fraud and ID solutions. We can help you:

Approve more genuine customers and accurately highlight fraudulent applications.


CallValidate has a wide range of Fraud and ID checks in a single configurable solution, all available in real time. Providing an exceptional level of protection, CallValidate ensures the high levels of genuine customers pass enrolment first time.

Themes can be accessed individually or combined as required in each real time call to drive a true intelligent authentication strategy.

As we are living in a digitally focused world we can help you stay one step ahead of the fraudsters with our CallValidate product themes:


Product Description
DeviceRisk Uncover vital information about the device your customer is using to interact through your web and mobile channels. Customised to meet your fraud strategy it allows you to pass, deny or flag the applicant for further investigation.
MobileRisk Now part of everyday life, mobile phone numbers can provide important information in real-time. Identify if the mobile is live, the carrier it belongs to, the location of the mobile and a risk score to feed into your overall fraud strategy.

A suite of checks associated to an email address can uncover a range of risk factors such as if the email domain is live, velocity and inconsistencies and if the email has been associated to fraud.

If you have an international customer base we can also provide identity verification solution, Globeview, which uses our international data combined with the ability to verify passports from around the world.

Trust Suite

Trust Suite consists of two new anti-impersonation checks, EmailID and MobileID. It establishes the number of positive associations between the ownership of an email address and/or telephone number. The source of these links is detailed giving you confidence that the applicant is associated with the details they’ve provided.


Increase your fraud detection capability and operational efficiency with Retriever. Establish connections between people, places and contact details by entering the information you know about an individual into one single search entry box.

You can be confident data entry variations and errors are over looked because our technology returns high probability results, rather than exact matches, ranking them according to their similarities.


AssetWatch is our fast, accurate solution to help reduce fraud and mitigate loss by tracking your devices. It uses the footprint of thousands of traders to monitor and alert you to any unauthorised trade of company assets.

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