EmailRisk - identify fraud risk from global email addresses

Why it’s important

Fraud is estimated to cost the UK economy hundreds of billions of pounds each year. Contributing to this figure is growth in digital fraud, with 9/10 fraudulent applications for financial products now being committed online. In 2016 identity fraud accounted for 53% of all fraud*, indicating that criminals view digital channels as an easy target and one of the tools they are using involve email addresses. For businesses to counteract and reduce this risk they need to deploy suitable solutions. With the right technology, an email address can tell your business valuable information about an individual and provides an important indicative attribute in the fight against fraud.

How we can help you combat email assisted fraud

Our developers have spent time working with clients and different industries to understand the risk and challenges presented by misuse of email addresses by fraudsters. This collaboration and insight has allowed them to develop our own tool to combat email fraud. 

Our EmailRisk tool verifies email information provided or captured throughout the customer lifecycle and uses this to identify fraudulent or suspicious activity. The product combines the current status of an email address with its wider digital reputation and behaviour pattern to score the fraud risk it presents.

EmailRisk is able to produce an aggregated Risk band and score based on the following checks:

  • Verification that an email account is live
  • Confirmation on when the email was first created, or seen on the database
  • Validating the associated mail server is active
  • Referencing historical email usage to highlight whether behaviour associated with it is suspicious
  • Accessing intelligence gleaned from the “Dark Web” to identify the level of risk presented
  • Evaluating previous Social Media usage to highlight low risk behaviour enabling straight through processing

EmailRisk can be used standalone or as part of the CallValidate Risk Suite to help drive fraud strategies for high risk individuals and enable straight through processing for those who are shown to be low risk.

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*Fraudscape 2017