CallMonitor - daily alerts for fraud prevention

If something happens to your client's profile that means they are likely to have committed fraud, wouldn't it be better to know immediately rather than find out at the end of the month?

By enabling you to monitor events such as missed payments, significant total balance changes, new County Court Judgments (CCJs), bankruptcies and CIFAS filings on a daily basis, CallMonitor is an aid to responsible lending, helping you to protect your organisation from fraud and limit your losses.

Recent analysis on changes in customer accounts shows that over a three month period, over 50% of all customers experience some change in their credit profile.

CallMonitor allows for prompt reassessment of customers to make quick decisions, so you can take action at an early stage to limit losses, but also treating customers fairly. Many lenders only re-check a client's financial situation when a client takes out new credit - early warning signs of fraud/risk can be detected and collections initiated.

How it works

CallMonitor is simple and easy to use. Just send your source files to TransUnion and we will process them and identify any alerts. CallMonitor will send your triggered alerts on a daily basis as and when there are changes to your customer's credit profile.

CallMonitor is complimentary to your current processes and you select the triggers which will best help your business.

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